Top 6 Legal site to watch movies in 2022 | Best movie streaming sites that are legal

We all love watching movies, but not all the movies available on the internet are legal and legit ways to watch online. Some torrent and illegal sites can make your life in danger and can even lead to strict legal action. Therefore we have brought the top 6 legal ways to watch your favourite movies online. All the sites mentioned here are 100% legal and no harm can be caused by these sites or from the government if you watch movies from these sites. We have listed top sites for watching movies, almost all have free content but some are paid and have a subscription model. So let’s start our top 6 legal sites for watching movies online.

Top 6 legal and safe movie and TV streaming sites 2022

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon Prime
  3. Youtube
  4. Sony Crackle
  5. Popcornflix
  6. Hotstar
Top 6 Movies Watching and Streaming Site

Let’s see in detail about each online movie streaming and downloading site and also find out which are free and which are paid.

1. Netflix

Netflix is one of the most popular websites for watching movies. Almost every movie you will find in netflix but one of the main drawbacks is that it is not free and requires a monthly subscription to continue. Netflix is now started producing original quality content that is in great demand.

Benefits of Netflix

  1. A vast list of movies and TV shows.
  2. Easy to use interface.
  3. Latest and fresh content.

Drawbacks of Netflix

  1. Focussing more on original content than movies.
  2. Paid and comparatively costlier but deliver value.

2. Amazon Prime


  • A large number of movies.
  • Have amazon prime originals that are available only on amazon.
  • The quality of movies is awesome and cheaper as seen in a combo of all prime facilities.


  • There is very less drawback except for some minors.
Top 6 legal and safe movie and TV streaming sites 2020

3. Youtube


  • A vast and humongous collection of movies and video content
  • A huge number of tutorials and how-to videos.
  • Free and unlimited streaming of videos.
  • As a product of Google gives reliability


  • Irritating video Ads and overlay ads spoil the real fun.
  • A Premium subscription is chargeable but comparatively cheaper than other options.

4. Sony Crackle


  • Some of the best movies are available for free.
  • High-quality movies.
  • Sony Crackle has both android and Ios apps.
  • No membership is required. Signing in is free.


  • Content can be blocked in some countries.
  • As it is free can annoy you with ads.

5. Popcornflix


  • A large number of public movies are available here.
  • Like Netflix has its original content too in the name of popcornflix originals.
  • Have both free and paid services.


  • Not available in all countries, have to use a VPN.

6. Hotstar


  • Hotstar is available as an app for IOS and android.
  • Include movies, Tv shows, and TV Channels.
  • Can watch live streams of sports and news channels.


  • The live stream is only for demo purposes and full streaming requires a subscription.

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