7StarHD – Download HD movies free

7StarHD is a popular movie downloading website that provides pirated movies in several formats like 300mb and full HD. The best part of 7-star HD is that it provides an option to stream and download movies.7starHD uploads movies from Hollywood and Bollywood. Piracy of movies is spreading like a fire and it has covered apart from Hollywood and Bollywood several local industries like Tollywood, Bhojpuri, Marathi, Oriya, Bengali ad many more film industry.

7starhd has a huge collection of the latest HD movies and is one of the most used pirated sites in the field of piracy. We at gyani guruji do not support the Piracy of movies. But since you want to know about 7starhd, it is our duty to explain in detail what 7starhd is and how people use it to download free HD movies.

7StarHD – Download HD movies free
7StarHD – Download HD movies free

Let us discuss in detail what is 7starHD and how can you download your free movies in HD.

7starHD Movies 2022 – Download Hollywood and Bollywood movies

What is 7starhd?

If you are downloading movies from the internet, then definitely you are familiar with 7starhd. But if you are new then let me brief you about 7starhd. The latest site of 7starhd and its proxy is also listed below. So read this completely to understand.

7starhd Movie Download is a piracy website. From here you can download the movie of your choice very easily. 7starhd is a fast pirated movie downloading site which has several domains in its name. It hosts a ton of free movies for its user to download. The movies they provide are all pirated movies which means they do not have a license to distribute these movies. Thus they are doing illegal work and are always under government and security checks. Downloading movies from such a site is also not legal and may lead to severe consequences. Gyani guruji team is definitely against piracy. But we are writing this post 7starhd for educational purpose and we and our team don’t support piracy in any form.

7starhd category of movies available

7starhd is famous for its movies listing and categorisation. In 7starhd site, you can find movies pertaining to Romance, Love, Drama, Comedy, Horror, Thriller, Animation, Telugu, Tamil, Korean, Suspense movies, Hollywood Movies, Dubbed Hindi Movies, Malayalam, Marathi, Bengali, Bhojpuri and many more movies.

So for entertainment purpose, you don’t need any more media or websites. You can get almost every genre of movies from 7starhd site. No matter you are a fan of comedy movies or horror movies you will get your dose of entertainment from 7starhd. Thus 7starhd has earned its name and fame from serving its user the best-pirated movies available on the internet. Most downloaded section of 7starhd are shown below:

  • 300MB Movies
  • 720p HEVEC Movies
  • Bollywood Movies
  • Tamil movies
  • South Hindi Movies
  • Telugu movies
  • DVD Screen
  • Dual Audio
  • Trailers
  • HINDI TV Shows
  • Marathi Movie
  • Pakistani Movie
  • Punjabi Movie

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7starhd Formats of downloading

  • 1080p Full HD Movies
  • Mp4 Movies
  • MKV Movies
  • 720p HD Movies
  • 480p movies
  • 360p movies

Competing Websites of 7starhd

There are several other sites like 7starhd from which you can download free HD movies. Some of the other fabulous sites include:

7starhd download hd movies for free
7starhd download hd movies for free

7starhd 2022 URL for Download Full HD Movies

The original website of 7starhd.com has been blocked many a time, due to copyright infringement and other issues. 7starhd is active even today despite such bans and blockages. To overcome a blocked URL, 7starhd has shifted its domain name several times. Google has been blocking the domain name very quickly as soon as they are confirmed about piracy. An active domain may not be active after some time.

Even though the government has put their full effort to stop these websites but they are again live with different domains. Thus we have come up with the list of URL and mirror links of 7starHD.

7starhd.fun 7starhd.me

Why Piracy is not stopping

The best time pass thing for anyone will be watching movies. But watching movies has two complications. Firstly in this era of competition and fast life, it will be very difficult for most of the people to get time for watching movies in the theatre. And secondly, even if those who have time to go to the theatre will not have so much money to spend on films and entertainment. In this life, it is very difficult to get time and money thus piracy is increasing like fire in the forest. Piracy in the last two-three years has increased too much.

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Piracy harms the creators and producers and the whole industry. Thus piracy of movies should be stopped. Therefore, it is good to stay away from such types of websites as much as possible. At the same time, you can use legal movies downloading websites in Hindi such as YouTubeJioCinemaNetFlixAmazon Prime.

How to download full HD movies from 7starhd 2022

Downloading a free movie from a pirated website is not that easy. The most difficult part is the ability to bear these ads. 7Starhd is no different in the case of an advertisement on their site. As already mentioned above government is also tracking pirated site so you can also be under the radar if you use them. The best part is to use a VPN. Pirated sites are very smart they give the downloading link in such a way that the user is not able to differentiate between the link and the ads. Thus the probability of clicking the ads is quite high in such sites like 7starhd. When you click and add it can open an app or make you download anything on your PC which can be malware and infect your system

You can follow the following steps to download movies from 7starhd. If you don’t understand any steps you can view the tutorial on 7starhs top menu bar on how to download movies. You can also request a movie on 7starhd from the top menu bar as shown below.

7starhd request and how to download movies
7starhd request and how to download movies
  • Open your web browser chrome in PC or laptop and UC browser in mobiles.
  • Write the latest URL from the list of proxy sites given above for 7starhd site.
  • 7starhd homepage will open which looks like as shown in the pic above.
  • Click on the movie you like and scroll down at the bottom of the page.
  • There will be 2 option for you to download the movies.
  • Either you can download it normally or you can use a torrent downloader to download your movie from 7starhd.
  • Pop-up ads will irritate you on 7starhd site as on other pirated movies sites.


Watching, downloading, uploading and sharing pirated movies and videos is an offence punishable by law. Depending upon the law of your country you may be subjected to various stringent actions by your government as per the laws.

This article on 7starhd movie download is only for informational and educational purposes. We want to generate awareness in society about the ill effects of Piracy. However, we do not recommend this method of watching pirated movies because of two main reasons:

  1. 7starhd dual audio movies are illegal movies and it spread piracy of movies which harms the producer of the movies.
  2. The piracy of movies is a punishable offence and is mostly banned by governments. Adultery is also encouraged through these sites.

It is illegal to PIRACY any movie. And GYANI GURUJI  is completely opposed to PIRACY. The purpose of this CONTENT is to make people aware. Not to encourage or promote PIRACY and ILLEGAL works. We condemn it in strong words.

As a matter of safety for our users, we have a link of URLs which are banned by our Indian government. We kindly request all to go through them and then vote.

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