What is NEFT | How to transfer money, limit and timing

NEFT transfer money easily

What is NEFT

National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) is a nation-wide payments method which enables the transfer of money from 1 bank accounts to another. With a greater focus on internet banking, NEFT has turned into among the most well-known methods of transferring capital. Because it can electronically transfer funds from any bank branch into any individual account. It has removed the requirement to see a bank branch for transferring money. Let’s know about how NEFT works in India and what advantages it gives. Let’s find out what’s NEFT and how can it simplify our problems.

What is Inter Bank Transfer?

Inter Bank Transfer empowers electronic transfer of money from one account to another account. NEFT is one of the interbank transfer. RTGS is also a kind of interbank transfer.

What is NEFT transfer
What is NEFT transfer

Advantages of NEFT

NEFT is a quite simple and fast way of transfer of funds from remitter account to the beneficiary. Have a look at a few of the benefits of all NEFT transfer that will make your daily transaction easier and faster:

  • No physical existence of either party of the transaction.  Additionally, no actual tool has to be moved at any time period, between the running parties, to complete the trade.         
  • No trip to the lender is needed, so long as an individual holds a valid bank account.      
  • Shortcomings of a physical tool can easily be overcome.  This usually means that NEFT has fully omitted cases of bodily harm of any financial instruments, its vandalism or vandalism. 
  • NEFT is easy and productive.  It may be carried out in under a minute’s time and barely involves any significant formality. 
  • Confirmation of a successful trade is readily obtained and seen through email and SMS notifications. 
  • Internet banking could be initiated and ran from any location.  This usually means that a person doesn’t have to be present in a specific place to create NEFT trades. 
  • Real-time transactions offer assurance to the parties. 

Limits of NEFT transactions

  • Online NEFT Transactions – the maximum amount of funds which may be transferred per client ID daily is Rs. 25 Lakh
  • NEFT Transaction through bank Branches – No capping of limit

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Who will make an NEFT transaction? 

RBI has provided a list of Bank branches, which can transfer through NEFT. NEFT transaction can be initiated through those bank branches.  As has been stated, any person, company or corporate, that holds a bank account with a participating bank branch, can create an NEFT move at any moment.

But if a person doesn’t maintain a bank account, he can earn a cash deposit for an NEFT-enabled branch. Only he needs to provide complete details about his Address, email ID, telephone number, and other details as asked by the bank. Such transfers will be limited to a maximum amount of Rs. 50,000.

Neft can be processed via

  • Internet Banking – Send money to the beneficiary directly form your residence via laptop or mobile.
  • Mobile banking – Each bank has got its mobile banking app which can be used for NEFT.
  • Branch – Visit your bank branch and fill out NEFT form to do NEFT transaction.
  • Enet – Internet banking facility for Corporates can also be used for NEFT.

What else Can you perform using NEFT service? 

The support of NEFT may be utilized to make payments such as loans, EMI’scredit cards dues and much more.  Hence, the support of NEFT Isn’t limited to private Fund transfers.

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