Top 20 facts of India that are mostly unknown by Indians

Indian Flag

Indian Flag

India is one of the rapidly growing nations in the world and was known by the name of the golden bird in the past. it is India’s glorious and rich past that attracted Britisher’s to India. But do you know that still there are some facts that are not even known by Indians. In this article we will be having a look at some of these facts:

  1. India has the world’s third largest active army just after the rival United States of America (USA) and China
  2. India has the most number of the mosque in a country even greater than Islamic countries – A secular India.
  3. There is only 3% Indian’s who pay their taxes – All other enjoy running outside country when bankrupt after taking loans.
  4. In terms of countries who have the most number of Guinness world record, India comes at 3 only behind USA and UK.
  5. Chess is one of the oldest game played invented around the 6th century and was invented in India.
  6. The largest Vegetarian population in the world lives in India. And KFC has introduced a vegetarian menu only in India.
  7. India is having the second largest network of the road in the world.
  8. Arybhatta, who invented Zero was an Indian. Indian are great at Invention and you didn’t know that.
  9. It was India where the first diamond was mined and discovered.
  10. First and the oldest university in the world was located in India – it was named “Takshashila”.
  11. Indira Gandhi International airport located in Delhi is worlds second largest airport in the world.
  12. The number of births in India in a year is even more than the total population of many countries even Australia.
  13. It is illegal for any foreigner to take Indian Rupee outside India.
  14. Even though India has Hindi as its official language then also India constitute the second largest English speaking population in the world. 10% of Indian speak English.
  15. The largest gathering of the human being on earth is found in India during Kumbh Mela. In 2013 it was estimated to be around 30 million.

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