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Bolly4u movies downlaod website

Bolly4u Hollywood and Bollywood movies: Bolly4u is a movie downloading website where you can download the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies for free. Whenever we get bored we want to spend our time watching movies and TV shows. Downloading Movies is not an easy task as many fake websites just want traffic and don’t provide download links for a movie. But Bolly4u is a different site, it uploads the latest Bollywood, Hollywood, Punjabi Movies, South Hindi Movies, Telugu movies, Pakistani movies and many more on its website.

If you are also one, who likes to watch movies then you should read this article to know how to download movies and other cool hacks for downloading movies from the internet or Bolly4utrade.

Features of Bolly4u

Some of the main features of this site which makes it one of the best movies downloading site are as follows:

  • Bolly4u movies website is simple and the user interface is mobile friendly.
  • Fast downloading and Instant streaming facility is provided on this site.
  • Categories of movies are well arranged.
  • You can search your favorite movies directly from the search bar.
  • All the movies and shows are provided for free and no charges are levied.
  • Several downloading links and streaming options are provided.

Bolly4u – Download Latest Hollywood, Bollywood, TV shows free

Bolly4u is one of the most popular websites for downloading Hollywood and Bollywood movies for mobile users. Mostly Hollywood movie lovers use this website for downloading the latest Hollywood action and romantic movies. Whenever we are depressed we always want to watch movies and forget our sorrows or sadness. Bolly4u can be one such destination which can help you to eradicate your tension and frustration in life.

Every Friday there is a new movie that is being released in theatres. No one has time to take a ticket and visit theatre at a particular time to watch movies. People want to watch movies when they want and when they have time to watch it. SO downloading and keeping movies in stock so that they can watch it when they desire is the best way. Bolly4u can do that very easily fr you.

Hindi Dubbed Hollywood movies

There are many dubbed movies present on the site of bolly4u co movies. You can download Hollywood dubbed in Hindi movies from the Bolly 4u trade site. There are also many other languages dubbed movies from french and other language movies. Bolly 4u site is a specialised site for uploading and leaking latest Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi and made it available at their site for downloading for its users.

Bolly4u wiki HD movies download

The best part of bolly foru movies website is that it gives a brief introduction of movies before downloading the movies. This brief introduction helps the user to understand whether the movies they are intending to download are fit for them or not? Bolly4u site also provides IMDB rating which is considered the best rating for any movies and unbiased also. So the user doesn’t need to switch over to IMDB for its rating before downloading their movies. Users can also leave their reviews on the bolly 4u website this also helps future users to understand the movies features.

Why is Bolly4u better than others

Bolly4u is also a pirated movie website like Tamilrockers and other websites. But what makes it better then other pirated website is that on bolly 4u you not only get to download movies for watching it later. But also you have an extra opportunity to streaming your movies online and thus saving your memory by not wasting storage by downloading movies. If you have better internet connectivity then you can easily live stream any Hollywood and Bollywood movies whenever you want.

Earlier streaming movies were not economical for any user due to the shortage of data. But after the internet boom launched by Jio in India, streaming has become possible in India. Bolly4u org provides Bollywood and latest Hindi dubbed movies from Hollywood and south Indian movie industry also for downloading and streaming them online.

Are downloading Bolly4u movies illegal?

As mentioned earlier, Bolly4u provides pirated movies. Piracy or pirated movies are banned in many countries. Piracy means distributing movies without the consent of the original creator or producer of the movie.

Bolly4u movies pirated website

Thus piracy of movies is an illegal activity and downloading movies from Bolly4u is also illegal as per law. But the movie lovers have worked out many other ways to download movies from the internet. But piracy of movies incurs huge loses to the makers of the movies and producer in general. This also demotivates the creators of Bollywood and Hollywood movies to make or create wonderful movies for the audiences.

Download site subsidiary for movies

As you know any pirated site is banned as soon as a DMCA strike is made. The pirated sites are ready with the alternate or subsidiary sites for future DMCA ban or strike. At the time of inception or starting phase of any pirated website, the website purchases related subsidiary domains so that if in future any this happens to their main website they can again go live. As soon as the main site of any pirated site is banned they are up with the new domain mane or alternative. As in the case of or is banned then bolly4u.trend can go live with all the movie content.

Some of the Popular Bolly4u Domains or URL are listed below:


Latest URL of Bolly4u

The above domains or URL of Bolly 4u were popular URL, but most of them are either banned or not working due to one or more reasons. The latest working URL of Bolly4u is

These pirated movies websites are often banned when the government gets hold of them. Thus as soon as the main website of bolly4u is blocked they are ready with the alternative website to get it ready and working again.

Download Hindi movies categories

All the movies on this site are arranged in a systematical manner in proper categories. You can download any movies from the bolly4u website with the help of these categories. Every movies are arranged as per their categories. They are categorised according to their language, Region and many other categories. So if you want to download Hollywood dubbed movies you can select the appropriate section named Dubbed Hollywood movies and you will get the same. Similarly, Bollywood movies are also categorized. Some of the categories of bolly4 u site is shown below:

Latest Movies leaked by Bolly4u

As soon as any movie is released pirated websites get in the hoard of leaking them online. Many times Movierulz or tamilrockers are the first to release any Bollywood movies. But Bolly4u is also getting in the fight for releasing the first on their site. Bollym4u has released o leaked many movies on their sites, some of the latest and controversial movies of 2019 are Bharat, Saaho, War and many more.

It was only a few hours since the first show of Prabhas and Shraddha Kapoor’s Saaho and it was leaked. the producer of the movie Saaho and the star Prabhas both were shocked by the piracy of the movie so early. Many of the Saaho fans downloaded the movie online and never visited the theatres for watching it. The producers incurred huge losses due to bolly4u leaking it online.

The much-anticipated action thriller movie WAR, which has been the talk of the town for a long time, has also been leaked online by this notorious piracy website bolly4u. Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff starrer movie war were expected to be the best-grossing movie of the year. But leaking war so early will lead to the loss of producers of the movie. Movies like War and Saaho are best if watched in theatres. Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy starring Chiranjeevi and directed by Surender Reddy also stars Amitabh Bachan is also leaked by bolly4u. The movie Sye Raa is produced by Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan.

Some of the most pirated Hollywood movies of all time

  1. “Avatar”
  2. “The Dark Night”
  3. “Transformers”
  4. “Inception”
  5. “The Hangover”
  6. “Star Trek”
  7. “The Departed”
  8. “Aladdin”
  9. “Avengers Endgame”
  10. “Godzilla: King of the Monsters”

Bolly4u is illegal then why not banned

We have talked about bolly4u and also understood that bolly4u is a pirated movie website then why the government is not banning them. But the answer to this question is also given. The government has banned several of the domains of Bolly4u website but they come up once again with a new name and extension. Whenever the government is successful in blocking a domain of bolly 4u website the next day a new alternative of bolly4u with the new domain is live again with the same pirated content of movies.


As per Indian law piracy of any original content is a criminal offense. Bolly4u is providing movies that are pirated and downloading pirated movie is illegal as per law. This article is only for educational purposes and to spread awareness about legal and illegal activities going around the world.

Gyani Guruji in no way promotes piracy of movies or illegal ways of downloading movies. Please use legal ways to download and watch movies available on the internet

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