12 Facts that you should Know

These 12 Facts that every one alive on this planet should know and I can also bet most of us don’t know these facts. So let us see what these facts actually is and how important are they in our life. Without wasting much of our time let start these 12 Facts:

  1. Do you know honey do not get expired. You can consume honey even after 3000 years of its manufacturing. It is a different story that you may not be alive to taste that by that time.
  2. July 2016 is considered as hottest month of that year. It is not  that it was hottest month of that year but hottest month ever recorded on earth in history.
  3. Cockroaches are 120 million years older then dinosaurs existence on this planet earth.
  4. On an average there are 20 banks robed everyday and Rs. 1,72,100=00 is stolen on an average from each bank.
  5. Elephant trunk has as many as 40,000 muscles which is almost 47 times more then entire human body muscles. human body has less then 850 muscles.
  6. Saddam Hussein has authored a romantic novel named “Zabiba and the king”. Interesting part is that initially it was anonymously published.
  7. It is believed that there is raining diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter.
  8. Global Warming has not always done bad for us. At one time there was fight over a land settlement between India and Bangladesh. The area was called as New Moore and South Talpatti. But due to Global warming the are has subsumed into the ocean and now no land exist. No land no fight.
  9. One day on the planet is approximately equal to two month on the planet Mercury.
  10. Complete Human blood can be sucked in by 12,00,000 mosquitoes. Never underestimate anyone based on his size and strength.
  11. Walt Disney was afraid of mice. This might be a reason he may choose to come out of fear and eventually he became a star.
  12. Even after partition of India and Pakistan after 1948, RBI used to print the notes for Pakistan. Partition destroyed every thing in India and Pakistan.